About Our Story

Finding the Greatest Camping on Earth

In the 1960s, Lynn Morey had the vision to develop a parcel of property on the west side of Lake Sparkman 7 miles south of Brooksville, Florida. He divided the land into 300 separate sites, 240 sites for permanent residents, and 60 sites dedicated as a recreational vehicle (RV) campground.

Later the high demand for this unique rural location and the popularity of our community brought more people to seek permanent residency at Camper’s Holiday.  Soon the 60 camping sites were filled with permanent residents. Consequently, a new area was approved for development as an RV campground.  The project was designed with you in mind! The result: 66 paved, spacious central Florida campsites nestled comfortably beneath the trees.


For almost 50 years, our campground has been known as the “greatest camping on earth.” The unique relationship between the 300 individual owners and campers in the RV campground means you get to enjoy well-kept and upgraded amenities year-round.

Many of our first-time guests plan to spend only one or two nights. Then they experience our friendly community, prime location, amenities, activities, and quiet atmosphere.  After all this, our guests quickly extend their stays and/or plan their return visits.

We value each guest who makes their way to our campground. As a result, we work hard to ensure our campers experience each visit as a special holiday.


During our early years our friendly bear, Campie, became our mascot and logo. While many things have changed through the years and updates have occurred to our campground and Campie Bear, our spirit remains the same. We at Camper’s Holiday look forward to each guest and work to ensure you experience the greatest camping on earth!